Using Hair Curler Wand

Using Hair Curler Wand

Using Hair Curler Wand

Say goodbye to the conventional curling iron that gives your hair all the kinks and lines, leaving a smudge of annoyance after doing your hair. Instead, try out a curling wand. It is similar to a curling iron, but you can create loose or relaxed curls and waves in your hair easily, regardless of the length of your hair. Curling wands are also called as curling rods, clip less rids, clamp less curling irons, or tapered curling irons. Read this article to learn how to curl hair using hair curler wand.

When using a curling wand, you must wrap the hair around the barrel with your fingers to style it. It can give you smooth and full spirals more effectively than that of a regular curling iron. What’s more, a curling wand is perfect for long hair, particularly hair without too many layers. It can work equally well with curly hair in case you need to add a bit more kink to your natural whorls. However, there’s a little something you have to be aware about using a hair curler wand.
First of all buy a curling wand made from tourmaline or ceramic. It has the best quality and the effect of reducing the damaged caused to the hair as it does not heat the wand unevenly.

Brush your hair well and detangle it before styling. It will make your process easier, while giving you better results with your curls.

Using Hair Curler Wand

The curling wand doesn’t come with a clamp as in the traditional curling iron. So, you’ll have to hold your hair in the right distant to avoid getting it overheated and eventually damaging your hair. Plus, a curling wand can get way too heated than a regular iron. That’s why you have to use a glove to protect your hair and skin.

Do not preserve your hair in the wand for more than 6-8 seconds. As mentioned above, it get heated more than a normal iron. If you’re too much used to the regular curling iron, pay more attention on this.

Use the wand in several small sections of your hair. It’s easy and neat. Clip the rest of the hair off from the section you’re styling. Gather all the fly-away strands and brush the section you’re going to style.

Wrap your hair tightly around the smaller wand if you want to have tight curls. For lofty and looser curls, wrap the sections of hair around the full length of the wand with much space between the curls.

Do not heat the wand much if you have thin hair. Start somewhere in the mid-range. If your hair usually needs a pretty much high heat to get it to respond, just make sure you use the right amount of heat. Plus, heat the wand between 2-4 minutes before using.

Use a heat protection spray before using the wand. Take good care of your hair by using serums, and nourishing treatments as heating cannot help damaging your tresses.

With a curling wand you can style from soft, loose waves to vintage Hollywood waves to messy beach waves to even Taylor Swift-inspired spiral curls. So, just keep these tricks and tips in mind and have fun with your wand.

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