Up-dos for Short Hair

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Up-dos for Short Hair

There’s no hard and fast rule that says up-dos are reserved for medium-length or longish hairstyles. You too, with your short style, can have an up-do.

The key to a successful up-do lies with your hair products and accessories: gel, mousse, elastic bands, hair ties, and hairspray. You’ll need these things to successful style your short cut into an up-do.

The Tease — The tease is probably the easiest up-do style to achieve with short hair. Using a tease comb — not a brush — tease your hair so that it looks “big.” You may find it most helpful to forget the conditioner since conditioner can cause your hair to drop and become limp, making it tough to style. Apply some hairspray, then comb the hair backwards. Apply additional hairspray. For additional impact, place an ornamental clip, jeweled headdress, or headband near the crown of the head.

15 Photos of the Up-dos for Short Hair