Top 5 Easy and Chic Prom Hair Styles

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Top 5 Easy and Chic Prom Hair Styles

Selecting your hair style for prom can be tricky.

First of all, a hairstyle can make or break the look of a dress. It does not matter whether you have the most expensive designer dress, or a cute dress you picked up at Wal-Mart, a good hairstyle that suits you and your dress has the potential to score you that “Prom Queen” title!

First and foremost, Prom is a celebration with dancing and fun. Therefore, you have to make sure your chosen hairstyle is simple, comfortable, and easy, while also looking chic and elegant. Read on to find out about 5 easy and elegant hairstyles for your big day!

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1. Soft, Wavy Curls

If you have a natural voluminous mane of hair, the best way to flaunt your tresses is to go for soft, wavy curls that cascade down your shoulders and back. This look is especially suitable if your dress is revealing on the top.

Blow dry your hair, then use a curling iron to wrap handfuls of hair around the iron. Go through half the length of the hair strands, and release to see a soft, wavy curl. The lesser amount of hair in your sections, the longer you should keep the curling iron clasped. Finish up with some shiny serum and a touch of hair spray to keep the curls in place.


2. Glam Jeweled Braids

Nothing says royalty and elegance better than braided hair adorned with jewelry. From Queen Cleopatra to Queen Elsa in “Frozen,” braids have always been in style.

The trick is to keep the hairstyle neat. Brush your hair well to keep the frizz away, take the sections you want to braid and carefully French braid them. The classic wrapping of one strand of braid around the crown is also a chic option for just about anyone. But don’t forget to experiment and see which look goes best with your dress and personality.


3. Twisted Knots

If your dress has a high neck, or if its top half is fairly covered, it is better not to wear your hair loose. Twisted knots come in handy if you want to look classy and elegant in mere seconds.

Start with damp hair. Then part your hair in the way that is most flattering to your face. Finally, gather up the hair in your clenched fist and roll the ends into a twist while securing the twisted knot on the go. For a final touch, take a tail comb and adjust the knot to be more voluminous.


4. High Pony Tail

A ponytail done right can achieve miracles. Divide your hair into sections and tease each one, following with a light mist of hair spray. Gather your hair carefully into a neat ponytail and tie it with a rubber band. Adding a flower of your choice to the hairstyle will add glam.


5. Messy Bun

Many red carpet event photos have taught us that the messy bun can be a major style addition to any dress. The trick is to tease the lower end of the hair well enough to look messy, while keeping the front look neat and tidy.

Go through the gallery below to find the Top 5 looks in order.




10 Photos of the Top 5 Easy and Chic Prom Hair Styles

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