Straight Hairstyles

Super Cute Retro Straight Hairstyles

Straight Hairstyles

With a healthy voluminous long mane you can setback any fashion geek within seconds. A long sleek mane can give a simple hello that will draw anyone’s attention right towards you, for sure. A few bangs or a sweet little updo can be nothing but simple elegance. Go through the following straight hairstyles and try out one or two.

Choppy long layers with bangs

A long layer cut with chin length side bangs can be flattering for a straight sleek mane. Fashion star Taylor Swift had ornamented her tresses with this fabulous hairdo on the red carpet. Waves pouring down your shoulders in different lengths will just lock their eyes for a long while. For a better look, use a shampoo and a conditioner designed for straight and shiny hair. Blow-dry your hair after the shower. Make sure you do not towel dry your long hair. It can lead to breakage and flyaway strand, which can ruin the look.  Use a large round brush for combing after blow drying. Use a flat iron and remove any frizz. This cut is particularly flattering for faces with oval shapes. But, if you have a different shape, you can still go for this cut since this will be alright for almost any face shape. Do not touch your hair often!

Straight Hairstyles

Blunt Cut Front Fringe with Layers

You can also sport a chic looking front fringe to a classic layer cut with your long straight hair. The side layers being slightly curled towards the face and the rest of the layers being equally curled! This will give you a fun and carefree look, although it doesn’t rob you out of the beauty of the mane. Use a considerably big paddle brush and blow dry your layers. While blow drying flip your hair (the side layers) slightly towards your face and neck regions. Flat iron the rest of the hair without damaging the wavy effect created at the side bangs. Curl the ends of the hair with the flat iron. Use an anti-frizz product to avoid your hair getting way too rolled up. Spray a shiny hair product. This style is particularly good for faces with round shapes.

A Small Braid with a Razor Cut

Give your hair a shattered shoulder-length razor cut to the ends for a looser and messy look. You can go with your hair down. Add a fun braid to intensify the chic look. Detangle your hair well. Pull your hair to one side through a side line. Blow-dry your hair. Run your fingers through the hair after blow drying to give a voluminous and messy look. Apply some mouse at the ends of your hair to get a shattered and sharp look. Take a very little section of hair, and divide it into three strands, and French braid it. Secure the end with a clear band. Let it mingled with the rest of your hair. As simple as that!


These are the top trendy hairdos for straight long hair. In an era where everybody is maddening around with short haircuts, rock the town with your sleek long mane. Compliments guaranteed!

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