Spring Updos For Every Occasion

Spring Updos Cross Braid

Spring Updos For Every Occasion

Are you ready to welcome spring? Looking for a change to embrace the coming spring tides? Why not go for a few fun spring updos that made their way to the red carpet this season. Updos are always a safe and an easy style to create while maintaining a neat and elegant look, overall its a good way t0 cool down and  have some Spring fun!

Messy Bun

A messy ballet bun that would look as if one of those spring gusts of  just happened to kiss your hair and make it a fashionable spring statement. It’s pretty simple, too. You do not have to make your hair perfect for this in the first place. Wrap and twirl your hair into a bun but not too tight. It doesn’t matter whether your hair is freshly washed or not. It would add a little funkiness to your look. You can also try out a Boho bun, a high or a low bun just in case you get tired of wearing the same old messy hair bun.

Spring Updos

Braided updos

A side braid is also equally popular on runways this Spring, and can make a great updo for the season. A messy side plait will make you look rather sexy and more or less like a school girl, if that is the look you are going for this Spring. This would look even cooler on layered hair since the tresses tend to spike out of the braid. Do not use bobby pins to keep your strands in order! Let them play away with the Spring wind as you enjoy. An Alternative Braid using two twists with a few knots that will look like a real braid but rather simply trendy. A high pony-plait and some shades can also be less common and more inventive.

Classic Ponytail

How about a windswept pony tail for spring to show off you relaxing and care-free state of mind? This is simple to wear, too. Pull up your hair into a pony tail from the back of your neck after washing it and spraying some salt water on your hair. In order to look funkier, do not try too hard. It would brace yourself to a real wind swept look for spring hang outs with your buds.

So, why not giving a try out to some new spring updos instead of your usual hairdo? Why not become the inspiration and a trendsetter of the town in this spring with some fun and pretty Spring updos?

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