Modern Wedding Hairstyles — Spring 2014

Spring Bridal Colored Floral Hair

Modern Wedding Hairstyles — Spring 2014

What’s a better time than beautiful Spring to have your fairy tale wedding? If you are a bride-to-be who is planning to walk down the aisle this Spring, this article will help you to look your best in a unique way. Spring screams of love, new beginnings, youth, and nature. Therefore, if you are willing to take some seasonal inspirations into your bridal look, a spring wedding gives you a variety of choices. Check out the rest of our key tips for your Spring Weeding in this article Spring 2014 – Modern Wedding Hairstyles!


Since it is customary to wear a white dress for your wedding, you have to be innovative when it comes to adding a pop of color to your beautiful day. If you have long wavy hair, a nicely done ombre style is a great way to make your bridal look become interesting and colorful. You can coordinate with your bridesmaids and have them wear a matching shade of hair color as well.  If you are not daring enough to color your natural hair, there are many colored hair extensions available to buy. Adding a small, floral crown that complements the colors of your hair will perfectly bring out your Spring glow!

Spring Bridal Colored Floral Hair

Curls and Tiaras

A tiara is an accessory that makes any girl turn instantly into a princess. You can experiment with many hairstyles in which you look the best when you’re wearing the tiara. Have your stylist put on different up-dos, half-dos, and loose hair to select which style goes well with your dress, height, and face shape. Adding braids and twists into your up-do will give it a more complicated and trendy look overall. Tiaras look great when paired with perfectly curled hair (however this can differ depending upon the shape of your face). Straight hair works best for wider faces, while curls and waves look nicest on thinner faces.


Vintage hair styles never go out of fashion and always promise to make you look elegant and graceful. However, with a little creativity, you can modernize your vintage hairstyle with accessories and still have a look that is unique to your personality. If you have short hair, going for a vintage statement piece as a hairstyle will balance out the grace of your wedding dress. Adding a Spring inspired floral Tiara is an absolutely fabulous way of mixing up a classic wedding hairstyle and it just happens to be very popular at the moment!

Hope we help you get a start to your journey to a perfect wedding, thanks for reading Spring 2014 – Modern Wedding Hairstyles and don’t forget to check out some of our amazing articles that share key tips and tricks to help you stay beautiful!



10 Photos of the Modern Wedding Hairstyles — Spring 2014

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