Styling Tips for Black Women With Short Hair

Styling Tips for Black Women With Short Hair

Thanks to new hair products, tools, and accessories, it is easier than ever for black women to style and maintain their short hair. Though most black hairstyles look thick and dense, they’re actually quite fragile. Therefore, black women must be especially aware of tips for maintaining their hair.

1. Keep it the way it is. Seriously. The texture is so distinct that it has a style and personality all its own. There is no need to damage this fragile hair in an attempt to make it something that it is not.

2. Natural curl looks great when left to frame the face, and doesn’t take too much time to style. Simply shampoo, condition, and let dry.

3. The hair can be styled in any way the woman pleases, but ensure that chemicals and hair straighteners are used in moderation in order to protect the hair.

4. Keep hair that’s prone to breakage short.

5. Look through the gallery to get some ideas for hair cuts and styles that accentuate the gorgeous hair of black women. For more ideas, consult your hair stylist.

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