Maintaining and Styling Thinner Hair

Maintaining and Styling Thinner Hair

Short hairstyles work especially well on women who have fine, thin hair. Though usually silky and soft to the touch, such hair is notoriously difficult to style. To avoid these styling issues, make your style your cut!

First, it’s important that thin hair be well maintained. After all, limp, unhealthy hair will never be trendy. Here are a few tips to remember when caring for your thinner hair:

1. Shampooing your hair every day can strip it of its natural oils, so only shampoo your hair every other day.

2. Use volume enhancing shampoo.

3. Don’t condition your hair unless you’re looking to make your hair look even limper.

4. Use as little heat as possible, so as to protect your thinner hair. To dry your hair, use a towel or your fingers instead.

Look through our gallery to see just how stylish and charming thinner hair can be. The styles are fast, easy, straightforward, and most importantly, trendy. Simply dry your hair (a little bit of heat is fine), comb your bangs if you have them, and go!

A short bob is an especially popular style amongst women with thinner hair. Just like the pixie, short bobs are easy to maintain, and look both sensible and stylist. To achieve such a look, begin by separating the hair into a lower section and an upper section. Start with the lower half: tease the hair, then comb it gently before securing in a hair band. Then, separate the upper hair into three distinct sections. Use a flat iron to straighten these upper sections. Then undo all of your hair ties, and you have a trendy, voluminous style.

15 Photos of the Maintaining and Styling Thinner Hair