Funky Hairstyles for Girls

Funky Hairstyles for Girls

Different hairstyles can complement different-shaped faces. For example, women with a spherical face look best with a hairstyle that incorporates angles and helps to conceal broad, spherical cheeks. Though they all have differently shaped faces, celebrities like Charlize Theron, Beyonce, Kate Winslet, and Vanessa Hudgens all have unique, funky hairstyles that complement their natural looks.

A funky hairstyles are popular among younger women and girls, because they can complement any type of face and style. No matter how you’re dressed, a funky hairstyle will be all anyone notices. Today, many younger women simply want to look cool and trendy at all times.

But a funky hairstyle can look abrupt if not cut correctly. Every face has different characteristics that a haircut can either accentuate or hide. If you have an oval, round, or long face, think about a funky cut like the one sported by Miley Cyrus. You can even copy her funky colors of black roots but blonde hair. The most effective funky cuts are simple, allowing you for faster mornings and maintenance.

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