3 Great Variations of the Short Bob

3 Great Variations of the Short Bob

Ask any hair stylist, and they’ll likely tell you that short bobs are one of their most popular cuts. This is probably because a short bob is one of the few hairstyles appropriate for any woman regardless of her hair type, hair color, of facial shape. Here are three great versions of the short bob:

Short Bobs With Side-Swept Bangs — This look is both sporty and adorable. The “messy” look of the side-swept bangs creates a look that draws attention to a woman’s best facial features. For a woman whose face is rounder, the side-swept bangs will off-set the facial conformation and create the illusion of an elongated face.

Short Bobs With Curls — For a special occasion like a date or a wedding, a short bob is easily curled into a more elegant look.

Short Bobs with Full Bangs — Bangs add life to any cut, especially the short bob. For those who don’t want their bangs swept to the side, such as those with longer, more oval-shaped faces, keep your bangs natural and blow them dry for more volume.


20 Photos of the 3 Great Variations of the Short Bob