3 Great Cuts for Thick Hair

3 Great Cuts for Thick Hair

For women with thick hair, many hair cuts and styles can be tough to manage and maintain. But there are some cuts specifically designed for such hair, and which are perfect for busy women who don’t always have a lot of time to get ready in the morning. Here are three great hairstyles for busy women with thick hair.

Choppy Cut — A choppy cut looks nice anytime, anywhere. Plus, they look great in every hair color. If you’re choosing a choppy cut for your own hair, make sure your stylist feathers the strands with a razor so as to create chops that aren’t too sharp.

Layered Hairstyles — If done properly, layers will create the illusion of thinner hair. Layers look especially great on women with rounder, or squared face.

Medium-Length Bob — The medium-length bob will look great regardless of the color or texture of your hair. Additionally, you can enhance the features on your rounder face with this cut. If you’re thinking of going with the bob, talk with your stylist about the different options you can get.

20 Photos of the 3 Great Cuts for Thick Hair