Long Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions

Long Hair Extensions

This article Long Hair Extensions,  will give you a basic understanding about hair extensions, along with some tricks and tips for a more professional grade quality Long Hair Extensions. Have you always envied the think healthy and long hair you see in commercials, red carpets and TV shows? Well, the chances are there can be more to what you see behind those very natural looking tresses. This article Long Hair Extensions,  will point you in the right direction in your journey to beauty and obtaining Long Hair Extensions.

Hair extensions come in various colors, sizes (both widths and lengths) and many textures. A few important key tips would be matching your natural hair to the new hair extensions and deciding an appropriate length to produce a naturally flowing end product. Hair extensions come in both real and artificial kinds and you can select from a big price range to meet your budget and needs. While there are opinions that extensions can damage your hair, the possibility for that to happen is way lower than many other hair styling methods. However, the process of adding extensions can be done  in very little time, money and energy compared to other longer more expensive methods.

First of all, you should select the type of extension that is right for you. Take the color and consistency of your hair into consideration. Going for extensions made with real hair is always best. Since they are rather expensive, you can always go for a good quality artificial extension too. The best way to save money and end up with a professional look is to do the extensions yourself or with a friend.  There are many companies online and also a couple local beauty supply stores like Sally’s that carry actual human hair and all the tools needed to complete your extensions buy yourself for a fraction of getting it done professionally! Just to give you some personal experience tips, I just tried the new tape in extensions for the first time and i have to say for the cheap price, it’s completely worth it! Although tape isn’t the most solid form of extensions, for the price you can’t go wrong. Funny thing is I’m actually currently wearing tape in extensions I found at a local beauty supply store. I’m absolutely amazed by the difference extensions do for my overall look! It was very easy applying them.

Hair Extensions

Here are the most popular forms of Long Hair Extensions you can choose from;

Slip on method- This is the most common method of attaching hair extensions. It is easy and hardly makes any damage to your hair.

Fusion method- This method is long lasting since it uses a special adhesive to apply the extensions to your hair and it remains attached for a long time unlike the clip-ons. This is a relatively difficult method, but the results will be really good and natural looking.

Weaving Method– While some claim these to be somewhat uncomfortable, this method has been used for a long time. As the name suggests, the extensions are simply braided into your natural hair to create Long Hair Extensions.

Finally, make sure to treat your extensions with the same care you do when treating your natural hair. Shampoo and condition them regularly and when taking them off, be extra safe not to damage the roots of your hair by tugging. Thanks for reading Long Hair Extensions and don’t forget to check out our inspirational photo collections!

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