Fantastic Styling Ideas for Long Hair

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Fantastic Styling Ideas for Long Hair

Long styles typically work well with any kind of hair, whether straight, permed, or wavy. However, the simplest styles are those that take the least amount of time to prepare.

The multiple ponytails style is currently a very popular trend for those of us with long hair.┬áThis hairstyle for long hair consists of three base ponytails, though you can add more if you’d like. Generally, the 3-pony tail style takes about 10 minutes to achieve, so if you’re planning on adding some ponytails, plan your time accordingly.

Another popular style for women with long hair is the simple, straight, and down look. So many women today prefer the “punk” look, with non-traditional coloring and uneven cuts. But long cuts left down are both thoughtful and modest, classic and timeless. It’s a style you can use over and over again.

15 Photos of the Fantastic Styling Ideas for Long Hair