Floral Hairstyles for Your Wedding – Summer 2014

Summer 2014 Wedding Floral

Floral Hairstyles for Your Wedding – Summer 2014

Flowers are nature’s way of showing love, so what’s more romantic than adding a few flowers tucked into your hair when your flawless self glides down the aisle on your big day? You shouldn’t limit yourself to pinning some flowers in loose hair. Read on to find out a variety of ways you can achieve a floral hair style for your wedding.

Princess-y Updos

Adding a flower or two for a hair up-do easily gives the look of the princess that every girl aspires to be in her wedding. Adding a few vintage hair pieces along with the flowers will add more glamour to the look, and a little hair braid wrapped around the crown may complete that look. Find out more in this article floral hair style for your wedding.

Wedding Floral Hairstyles

Waves and Flowers

If you are aiming for a bigger statement, add some soft beach waves to your hair and accent it with a single big bloom. This will give your hair a needed edge without taking attention away from your eyes and face. This look is the best if your dress has an open neckline.

If you don’t feel like going for completely loose hair or for a complete up-do, flowers make great additions to half-up hair. They gives the romantic look of loose hair and elegance in an up do’ altogether. This easily allows for a classic braid on one side of your hair as well.

Flowery Braids 

Speaking of braids, getting your hair together into one loose braid never goes out of style, especially if you add some flowers to the braid. You could have one braid that falls down your back, or a fishtail braid swept to one side. Adding some flower buds or baby’s breath flowers into the braid will add a fancier edge to the whole look.

Goddess of Flowers Style

Sometimes, being a princess just won’t do for a girl on her special day. That’s when she should go for more of a “goddess” look by getting flowers to an intricate braid-up halo crown hair style. (Please see the gallery)

Finally there is always the option to go for a floral crown. This gives you a wider choice in flowers and plenty of space for creativity. A flower crown also gives you the freedom to wear a veil of your choice to the ceremony and you can easily substitute it with the crown for the later reception. Thanks for reading Floral Hairstyles for Your Wedding.



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