Braid With Jewels

Braid With Jewels Ideas

Braid With Jewels

Since many braiding styles are being hackneyed in every street in every town, you might be wondering how to remain a braided nymph and still be the talk of the town. Yes! It’s possible! If you love braids that much, stick to it, but enhance it with a jewel or two. For centuries and decades, braids have always stayed aloft in the fashion arena. A braid with jewels just takes that country and classy look into a whole new level.

Let us take you through one elegant hairdo with braids, and how to jewel it up, so that you can get an idea on how to accessorize them. The ceremonial braid is basically an Indian hairstyle, which can well suit any formal or semi-formal occasion like weddings, small functions, festivals etc.

Comb your hair well removing all the tangles, and apply serum with semi wet hands. Pull your hair back, and separate sections for the flicks. Make a thin tight braid and pin it up on the right side. Use a flat iron and straighten the other bangs. The left side flicks should fall across the forehead. Make a neat ponytail with the rest of the hair at the top of your head, and bring it on your right shoulder. Curl the tips of the strands three-four inches above. Add a finishing touch using some fancy hairpins and hair accessories.

Braid With Jewels Ideas

The Braided Halo hairstyle

This hairstyle can also be flattering with jewels on. Clip the upper section of your hair from temples to crown) at the top of your head just for a while. Take a small portion of hair and make a French braid at each temple. Pull it across your crown and secure each braid with a clear band. Unclip the hair at the top, and hold this section up. Tease it at the roots with a fine-tooth comb, making a little pouf. Smooth the teased hair with a paddle brush. Then anchor the braids to the bottom of the pouf with a few bobby pins.

Try the Dutch Flower Braided Bun

This hairstyle can easily be done by these few easy steps. Separate your hair in two parts from the side. Take a small section from one side of your head and make it into a French braid. Then, take it to the other side and coil it downwards in a zigzag shape and covering the full length. Leave some hair from one side of your braid to give it the shape of petals. Secure the end of the end with a clear band and fold the hair into a knot. Roll the braid into a bun and fix it with Bobby Pins and keep out some hair from the sides if needed and then fix it. Use flower pins or a twig of pearls or stones to accessorize the style. You can match it with your dress.

You can also use stone studded pins or clips, head gears like rope braids, printed head scarves, fancy head bands, pearls, fresh flowers etc. to jewel up your braids. Or else you can style up your hair just using some braids. Using temporary color hair extensions in between strands of hair in your braids can just be flattering. Remember that colors always enrich the braid hairstyles.

Look through the gallery to see some classic examples for braid with jewels.

12 Photos of the Braid With Jewels

Braid With Jewels IdeasBraid With Jewels IdeasBraid With Jewels IdeasBraid With Jewels IdeasBraid With Jewels IdeasBraid With Jewels IdeasBraid With Jewels IdeasBraid With Jewels IdeasBraid With Jewels IdeasBraid With Jewels IdeasBraid With Jewels IdeasBraid With Jewels Ideas