Beach Perfect Hair Styles – Summer 2014

Beach braids beach hair

Beach Perfect Hair Styles – Summer 2014

Summer is knocking on the door and you have your body all toned and ready to hit the beaches. However, no look can be completed without the perfect hair style. This article is to help you with styling your tresses to look your best this season.


Beach Waves

Natural beach hair

The most desired hair look for the beach include soft waves cascading down your shoulders. It is perfect if you have naturally wavy hair, but with a bit of help from styling gel and a curling iron, you can easily get this look. If you don’t like the curling iron, you can get the same look with only the help of your blow dryer. Just put the dryer into its middle temperature and scrunch your damp hair under the warm blow of air. Then let it air dry without combing, and you will get gorgeous beach waves you can flaunt.


Messy Up-Do

Going for a messy up do is always good idea since your hair is going to get messy anyways from the wind. A touch of styling gel will make sure to partner with the soft sea salt in the wind, giving you the perfect messy hair style that will highlight your sun-kissed skin.


Beach Braids

Braids are one thing that can turn you from a Plain Jane into a style icon within seconds. Add some texture to your layered strands with some gel or serum, and braid it down in a French or fishtail braid. The wind at the beach will make your braids just messy enough to look sexy yet playful.


Pony Tail

A good ponytail never disappoints!

If you are too busy having fun on the beach to put a special focus on your hair, just stay with the good old ponytail. It will take your worries off the hair and keep it secure enough for you to have fun while looking good enough to get some stares.


 Beach Knots

If you are stylish for a bun and still not too bothered to have curly hair, a knot is your go-to option. Pull your hair into an elegant knot near the crown of the head and let the strays flow playfully to your face. Adding one stylish hair accessory will complete the look.


Short Bob

If none of the above styles work, take a risk this Summer and go for a daring short bob. It will make you look playful, confident, and positively glowing in your killer bikini this Summer!



10 Photos of the Beach Perfect Hair Styles – Summer 2014

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