Asian Hairstyles For This Summer

Asian Hairstyles Ideas

Asian Hairstyles For This Summer

This article is all about Asian Hairstyles For This Summer! Fashion trends are blending all sorts of styles together, classics with modern, long and short so why not try out a continental flare this time? Asian women are more famous for their enigmatic beauty habits and exotic hairstyles. When it comes to hair, they prefer keeping it long more often than not, so most of the time their hairstyles suit long hair. In this article we’ll walk you through a variety of Asian hairstyles to get you on the right track to the perfect Asian hairstyle.

Here are some of the trendiest Asian Hairstyles For This Summer;

Side Braid across the Head

Asian Hairstyles Ideas

This hairstyle became particularly popular among Asian girls owing to the Korean tele-drama or ‘The Jewel in the palace’ that’s clearly a top tread in the region. It’s especially better for long straight hair. Pull your hair to one side, and divide your hair into three strands. Start French braiding then spray some hairspray for a neat braid. Secure the end with a clear band, when you reach the end of the braid. Move the braid from one side over to the other covering the crown of your head. Secure it with bobby pins.

A Messy Side Braid

Braids are equally popular among fashion loving ladies around the world. Even among Asian ladies. A messy side braid with a few bangs is trending the streets. Take your hair to one side of your head, the side where you want to have the braid. Comb and tease the hair before braiding. Start a French braid. Do not try too hard. Secure the end with a clear band. Or if your hair is not that flexible, leave the end without a band. As for the bangs, give them a messy look by running your fingers through the bangs with a little bit of mouse among the finger tips. It’ll give you a just-rolled-out-of-the-bed look.

A Bubble piped side braid

This is not technically a braid. Pull the hair to a side of your head. Make a big ponytail on the side, and secure it well with a clear band or a fancy band. Tease your hair, and set another band after leaving a one inch gap from the base. Repeat this until you reach the end of the braid, and finish the braid, leaving around one inch hair at the end. Fluff up bubbles in between the gaps to get a round shape. This does not necessarily require to be a side braid. You can either have two side braids or a braid at the top or the mid-back of your head.

You can also try out a simple style like tying up your hair at the back, giving it a wavy beach look. Or a choppy hairstyle with a few bangs, a cobra shaped bun, a Bob haircut with sleek bangs, which are equally popular among Asian ladies.  Give yourself an exotic look! Try out one or more of these styles!

12 Photos of the Asian Hairstyles For This Summer

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